Advanta Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic Care Management

Advanta offers Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring programs to empower you to manage your patients’ health more efficiently.

Efficient Patient Management

Remote Patient Monitoring

AI Nursing Care Plan for Cognitive Assessments, Dementia & Others


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Remote Patient Monitoring for Weight Management

Weight Loss Management



At Advanta, we offer value where it counts. From interoperability to bottom-line, your practice will benefit across the board with our turnkey care management solutions. It’s not entirely fair to compare us to others out there, because what we bring is unique – our results speak for themselves.

What we offer

Empowering Success:
How We Can Help You Thrive

Remote Patient Monitoring

Track your patients’ health from anywhere and provide proactive care efficiently.

Transitional Care Management

Seamless care transitions for a smooth recovery.

AI Care Planning

Personalized care plans powered by cutting-edge technology.

Advanta Prime

Coming soon! The all-in-one solution for chronic care needs.

Chronic Care Management

Empowering you to manage long-term health conditions efficiently.

Caregiver Education

Equip caregivers with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care.

ADVANTA: Your advantage for personalized health monitoring programs

Experience healthcare that revolves around you. Advanta offers a site of innovative programs designed to make monitoring your patients’ health journey more efficient.

Getting Started

Adopting ADVANTA as integral to your practice is easy. Our team will ensure you can get maximum value from our services and realize profitability as soon as possible.


Inform patients about the chosen program, enroll them through your staff or use our team to identify patients even faster. Feel free to reach out to our sales team to better understand which and how many of your patients may be eligible for these remote CMS programs.


Educate patients on the expectations, benefits, and perks of the program such as virtual health & wellness checks, medication adherence, and continuous patient support all from the comfort of their own home.


Use our novel care management portal to quickly address and identify patient concerns and needs, simply assess changing patient conditions, virtually connect with your patients through text or phone, and much more. Ask about how our qualified multidisciplinary care team can do the frontline work for you.


Remote management programs are not only the future of better patient engagement, they are a significant form of revenue for your practice. With just a few hundred patients enrolled in Chronic Care Management, for example, you can expect to profit $13k-$16k per month – that’s with using our full service care team!

Transitional Care Management

Bridging the Gap: Transitional Care Management
Seamless Transitions, Optimal Recovery: Advanta’s Transitional Care Management bridges the gap between hospital and home, ensuring a smooth and coordinated recovery process.

Reduced Readmissions, Improved Outcomes: We work closely with your healthcare team to minimize complications and potential readmissions, promoting a more successful recovery journey.


Personalized Support, Every Step of the Way: Our dedicated team provides ongoing support and guidance, addressing needs and concerns throughout the transition.


Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones: With Advanta by your side, you can provide a stress-free transition, allowing your patient to focus on healing and returning to their best self.


Client Success

Real people, real results: Discover how Advanta has transformed lives.

The Future of Care: AI Care Planning

AI Care Planning

Unleashing the Power of AI

Advanta's AI Care Planning harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create personalized care plans tailored to your patients’ unique needs.

Precision & Prediction

By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI Care Planning anticipates potential health issues and proactively addresses them for a healthier future.

Beyond Guidelines

Our AI technology goes beyond traditional care protocols, ensuring the plans are specific to each patient.

Empowering Collaboration

AI Care Planning empowers your healthcare team to make informed decisions for your well-being.

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